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St. Augustine’s Asylum

St. Augustine’s Asylum, also known as Kent County Lunatic Asylum is located in Chartham, Kent, England. Now it’s an abandoned old building, but it wasn’t always like that. In fact, the building was open in 1876, so for more than 117 years, it was the home to many patients.

Additionally, they had to deal with a lot of suffering, inhumane injustices, and cruel treatments that no one would ever approve of. Thanks to a nurse that worked at St. Augustine’s Asylum who reported the injustice that was happening there, the building closed down.

However, even today, those who enter the remaining structures report hearing footsteps behind them, seeing unusual lights, and feeling watched. And even though the building might not be hunted, it’s still very creepy and those who visit it report feeling depressed and instantly tormented.

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