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Benjamin Harrison and the light switches

Benjamin Harrison was responsible for installing the first electrical outlets in the White House at that time, however, he had a bizarre conspiracy theory about the light switches. He feared that he will get electrocuted by touching either one of the outlets.

He always asked the staff to turn the lights on and off, because his fear was so extreme. In fact, he slept with the lights on for a lot of nights, because there was no one present to turn them off, and he wouldn’t let his wife touch the light switches either.

Even though his fear was very strange, he might have had his own reasons, considering the fact that electrical outlets were relatively new at that time, so electrocution was not excluded.

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9 thoughts on “10 Presidential Conspiracy Theories People Still Believe”

    1. Is this Julie Ford from Palmer ? How was Trump helped by Russia ? The Mueller report was a total whitewash of government deep state political activists. There was no legal pretext to investigate the Trump campaign. The “evidence” was manufactured, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, the Trump tower meeting was a set-up by Fusion GPS’s CEO. I don’t know what government agency didn’t play a role in the devious misinformation and malfeasance campaign they launched with the MSM fake news propagandists. The FBI, CIA, DOJ were all corrupt in how they investigated President Trump and protected Hitlery from her obvious corruption. Private server to avoid FOIA requests. How come the Mueller report didn’t investigate anyone on the governments side ? How come there were no charges brought against President Trump ? The corrupt democRats were so desperate to keep President Trump from exposing their anti-American, anti-constitutional lies and loosening their grip on power. He told the truth, democRats did not, because they ARE the enemy within.

      1. James Fineron

        Please seek professional help. You are simply parroting a man who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him. You have even picked up some of his verbal habits, such as using “clever” bastardizations of people’s names. They aren’t clever, they’re clumsy at best. You might even believe that he’s still the President (he’s not). You seem to be obsessed with this horrible excuse of a Human Being. For the sake of your own sanity, get help.

  1. I’ll comment on one item, 9/11: First, the idea that planes exploding into the most over-built buildings on Earth actually brought them down is preposterous, totally against laws of physics, not to mention Bldg 7 falling without reason, and Pentagon with a 12 foot hole in the wall with no broken windows and no plane debris. This idea that is the “official report” is the genuine Conspiracy Theory.
    Omitting the idea of planes then leaves one alternative that makes all the sense in the world: Pres. Bush & Chaney orchestrated and implemented the demolition of these buildings to blame on muslims with box cutters. Bush lives in Texas.

    1. James Fineron

      What has living in Texas to do with anything? I live in Texas and have never taken part in any cover-up. If this is what you believe to be incontrovertible evidence, you are completely mistaken.

  2. Why do you even give Trump the time of day? He’s out of office, thank God. He trashed the office of the president. A complete embarrassment to the US and I was embarrassed for the US. I felt that we were being laughed at. I guess he will always haunt us until the end.

    1. The real embarrassment is the MSM treating U.S. citizen like a bunch of gullible idiots. I’d say you watch CNN and MSLSD to get you liberal kool-aid fix. It’s democRats that trashed the office of the president. Why did obummer and now dementia, quid-pro-quo, crooked joe use executive orders to govern ? Biden has majorities in the house and senate, a super majority. Why doesn’t congress send him legislation he can sign into law. It’s because both of these communists have very unpopular ideas for policy, not to mention unconstitutional and downright un-American, socialist leanings, that most sane Americans reject. It’s obvious the propagandist MSM treats republicans as hostile enemies. They coddle democRats with questions like, “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor ?” The MSM thinks they’re smarter than anyone. How come Jim Accoster hasn’t been unleashed on president dementia joe ? He can’t put a single sentence together without a scripted list of reporters to call on, with a scripted answer on his teleprompter. Maybe think for yourself instead of just going along with the MSM BS. I’m glad you didn’t mention Pelosi !

  3. You are joking right? We even know the EXACT site of the JFK/Marilyn get togethers. NOT get together – get togetherS.

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