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Your body can orgasm after death!

Yes, this is true, and no, this isn’t necrophilia. But let’s get one thing straight, corpses that no longer have oxygen are not able to orgasm, as brain death expert Stephanie Mann explained. While post-mortem orgasms are real, they can happen only through electrically stimulation of the sacral nerve while also delivering oxygen through a ventilator.

These two actions will result in orgasm even when the body is brain dead. Amazing, right? However, doctors also found this out by accident, since they didn’t intend for this to happen.

This usually happens for organ donors, since doctors have to trigger certain parts of the spine electrically in some cases. And as previously explained, by stimulating the sacral nerve in the base of the spine, a dead body can achieve an orgasm.

However, it’s important to understand that since the recipient is clinically dead, they won’t feel anything and are not able to enjoy the pleasure. The brain is not functioning anymore, and even though the body is able to react, it is considered a pure reflex and nothing more.

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