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Will your body explode in space?

You’ve certainly seen a lot of movies where crazy things happened to those that were pushed from a spaceship into space without a protective suit. However, scientists want you to know that everything you see in movies is mostly fiction.

No, your body won’t explode if you by any chance, float in space without a suit. While it’s true that there will be some discomfort as the air in your body expands, all the things you’ve seen in movies are not real.

And although space is very cold, you’re not expected to lose heat very fast. Your blood will be kept under pressure thanks to your circulatory system. The only thing that will kill you in this situation is the lack of air.

Additionally, a test subject’s suit got ripped in 1965, and the victim remained conscious for around 14 seconds until he was rescued. However, it’s still not certain how long a person could survive in these situations, but it’s probably between one and two minutes.

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