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The evolution of goosebumps.

According to science, we’ve got goose pimples from our predecessors, and they usually occur when the small muscles around each hair tenses, causing the hair to look more erect. Since our predecessors are known to having a lot more hair (fur) than we have today, the goosebumps used to manifest through fluffing up the coat by getting more air into it.

But we can’t have the same result since our hair is now so much thinner. However, it still makes our skin look bizarre. Goosebumps tend to appear when we are scared or when we experience an emotive moment.

In fact, there are a lot of mammals that fluff up their fur when they’re being attacked. It usually happens when they’re in danger. Goosebumps used to have the exact same effect on humans back in the day, but not it’s ruined since we don’t have as much hair nowadays.

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