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How did the moon form?

As you probably know already, the moon’s gravitational pull is accountable for the rise and fall of the ocean tides. But have you ever wondered how did the moon form? Well, it took a hundred million years after the creation of the universe for the planets to form, and the moon took even more time until it came to existence.

While there are a lot of theories to support the forming of the moon, none of them have been proven yet. According to Dave Stevenson, a professor of planetary science at the California Institute of Technology, before trying to figure out why we have a moon, we need to understand why Venus doesn’t have one.

But unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to these questions at the moment.

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But who’s in charge here? Is it God?

Is there someone who’s in charge here? Or it is simply science that led to the creation of it all? But even though you might think that the answer is God, many scientists and researchers believe God is purely a myth.

However, not all scientists are atheists, but not even they have proof and a proper answer to this question. And this likely will stay unresolved for a long, long time, at least in our lifetime.

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