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Did life start on our planet?

Even though we like to think that life originated on Earth, that’s not actually true, according to researchers. In fact, evidence has shown that life originated on Mars, and has been brought here on Earth by a meteorite.

However, scientists are still not sure which area of science should be able to give us an answer to this question, so we don’t even know if science is the right answer here.

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Does alien life exist?

As many scientists have stated for a long period of time, chances are we’re not alone in this infinite universe, and extraterrestrial beings are likely to exist. However, the problem is that we have no scientific evidence yet to support this theory.

Moreover, we have no evidence at all that there are other life forms outside Earth. But according to researchers, we’re not very far from finding out that there is indeed life outside our solar system, galaxy, or even universe.

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