6. Why is yawning contagious?


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Some people say that yawning only happens when you’re feeling tired, sleepy or bored. Well, actually, it turns out that yawning helps regulate the brain temperature, wake your body up, bring more oxygen into the bloodstream and keep your lung tissue lubricated.

Yawning is contagious just for a few animals, including non-human primates, domesticated dogs and also humans. Some experts believe that yawning becomes contagious during early childhood. They also added that this can be a social communication tool that is specific to higher-order animals only.

Even though it is not clear what yawning truly communicating, there are some experts who believe that this is a contagious nature which can be a way of showing empathy between people. A recent study shows that we are more likely to experience contagious yawning with the people that are closest to us, than we are with strangers.

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