It’s incredible how signs of evolution can be noticed all over the world, from flying fish to swimming birds. We can consider ourselves lucky when it comes to picking the longer stick in the evolution game. From being hunted by larger predators to becoming the rulers of the planet, humans have had the highest climb on the food chain.

However, before you start getting too comfortable with our current abilities and human body characteristics, you might want to take a look at the following human body parts that researchers believe will disappear sometime in the future.

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6 thoughts on “Body Parts Humans Will No Longer Have One Day”

    1. Thank you – Finally, an intelligent response! I read this out of fun when it dropped into my email – but seriously??? People believe this stuff?!? If they actually looked at science correctly, they’d realize evolution is insupportable and not a theory at all – just really badscience

  1. Robert Boughner

    Lmao evolution is science fiction, Philosophy based on guessing. Speculation. Theology is based on fact, God created everything period. If people would just read the Bible until they really understand everything that is told in it, they would know truth.

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