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You can infect other people

If you don’t care about yourself enough to wash your hands, maybe you care about your loved ones (children, spouse, parents). Don’t forget that your hand touches pretty much everything around you throughout the day.

So there are many chances you touch you touch a doorknob after just touching your eyes, mouth, nose, or face, spreading the germs in your whole house and putting your family at risk of picking up your germs.

And vice versa, because when you touch that doorknob, you’re also picking up the germs of everyone who touched it before you.


You could be putting people with weak immune systems at risk

According to anesthesiologist Christian Whitney, DO, a pain management consultant for Restorative Pain Solutions, “The risk of not washing your hands is that you could get exposed to potentially harmful infections and also infect others, especially young infants, the elderly, and those that are immunocompromised and susceptible to infections.”

This is especially important when trying to do your part in reducing the spread of the virus and flattening the COVID-19 curve. By omitting to wash your hands as soon as you finish going to the bathroom, or touching potentially contaminated surfaces, it can lead up to huge complications for those around you who have weaker immune systems. Minimize the risk of putting your loved ones in danger by being cautious about washing your hands.

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