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I’m sure that everyone is looking for ways to make their life less complicated, happier, easier, healthier and the list can go on. Some people try to obtain those things through different techniques, such as finding a job that is less stressful, spending more time in nature, traveling more often, going out each week, reading, cooking and who knows what other things they do.

On the other hand, there are people who hope that technology will make their existence more enjoyable. That’s why today I want to talk to you about some great gadgets that will save you time, energy and also money.

Did I tell you that these are also affordable? Interested already?

Ok, let’s begin.

1. A 7 in 1 instant pot

Oh, boy, there’s dinner time again. You’ve just got home from work, you’re tired, you need to change into more comfortable clothes, you’re so hungry, that even the whole neighborhood can hear your stomach rambling, but the last thing you want to do is making dinner.

You can try and meal prep, but sometimes, you know, life happens and you forget or have something else planned. Don’t worry, we got you. Amazon has this great instant pot, that is also an electric pressure cooker, a slow cooker, steamer, warmer and sterilizer and so much more.

You can decide what you want to make for dinner, put everything in, set the time and it will do the job for you. You can put even frozen meats in the instant pot, but don’t forget to add more cooking time.

It’s healthier and faster, plus, you won’t have to clean that much after using this gadget.


2. Cordless vacuum cleaner 

Cleaning can be therapeutic. When you have a place that is nice and clean, you can think better and feel better. Although it’s lovely to have the whole house cleaned up, sometimes it can feel like a dreadful chore to start.

When it comes to floors and carpets, a vacuum cleaner becomes your best friend. Having clean floors and carpets is one of the most important things when it comes to having an organized place. Amazon came up with a vacuum cleaner that is cordless and lightweight – only 6.3 pounds.

You can reach all the tight spaces, it’s easily to maneuver and it can even be turned into a hand vacuum. So, with this one gadget, you can clean the floors, carpets, the stairs and car interiors as well.


3. Air purifier

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, it seems that indoor air can be five times as polluted as outdoor air is. Since indoor air is not able to circulate as much as the outdoor air does, a lot of airborne pollutants continue to live inside.

This is the situation when an air purifier comes in handy. It can help refresh the stale air and help reduce the chances of health issues. The indoor pollutants can trigger respiratory infections, aggravate some of the symptoms in asthma sufferers and trigger allergies.

Amazon has an air purifier that is portable and high efficient. It is compatible with Alexa and it has an integrated carry handle for easily moving to all of the rooms in your home.

The air purifier from home with Alexa allows you to control the time you want it to work and also choose different modes and the fan speed. This way, you’ll be sure your home is always nice and fresh.


4. Pillow for neck and back massages

If you are tired, have sore or tight muscles, you may need a massage, but it can be really expensive and also time consuming. You’ll have to schedule an appointment, go there and spend time going back home.

A pillow that you can use for massaging your neck and back might be a good option. It will help you release the tender muscles and improve the blood circulation. It has an advanced heat therapy which will relieve you sore pains and aches and also will help you relax and rejuvenate. You can also use the pillow massager at office, in the car and anywhere you need it.


5. Therapy mittens 

Painful hands can make almost every activity you have planned a hard thing to do. You can’t write properly, can’t drive how you’re supposed to and even complete simple tasks, like washing the dishes or chopping vegetables.

A pair of these PhysioNatural mittens that can be warmed in the microwave will help you relax your stiff muscles and joints and even relieve the pain that is associated with some health issues, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or carpal tunnel.

In addition to the health benefits, this pair of mittens release a subtle lavender scent when they are heated, so you can also enjoy a little aromatherapy in the comfort of you home.

If you were planning on spoiling yourself with a little something, I hope that I gave you some ideas. You can choose between all of these gadgets we’ve just talked about or can go and grab them for some of your friends. They can make great presents for family or pals.

In this era we live in, everything moves and flows really fast so if we are able to get things that will make your lives easier, why wouldn’t we?

You know what they used to say back in the days: keep calm and get those gadgets!

P.S.: Happy shopping!




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