Celebrities Who Believe in Some of the Craziest Conspiracy Theories Out There

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Whoopi Goldberg -Moon Landing Hoax

I think no one would expect Whoopi Goldberg to believe and support conspiracy theories, but even so, she highly believes the Moon Landing was a hoax. She’s also been very vocal about her beliefs, explaining on popular daytime talk show The View in 2009 that she was also very skeptical about the moon landing.

Goldberg mentioned that she was always curious why there was no wind on the surface of the moon, but the flag was still waving. However, over the years, many astronauts and scientists have explained that the flag was not waving, it just crumpled.

But this explanation didn’t convince her, because she also didn’t understand who took the pictures and the videos on the moon. While the answer to this question is very simple, as the astronauts took the photos and the videos, she still believes the Moon Landing is a hoax.

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