Celebrities Who Believe in Some of the Craziest Conspiracy Theories Out There

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Ted Nugent-Global Warming Hoax

Ted Nugent is a famous guitarist, a self-proclaimed mad man also known for his political activism. You probably imagine him right now wearing camo, because he embraced that image since he showed several times his hunting equipment.

You’d probably expect Ted Nugent to believe in crazy conspiracy, either for fun or because he’s fascinated about them, as he even wrote on his website about certain topics he considered to be conspiracy, hoaxes, or even scams.

He mentioned global warming as being a scam, adding that the Great Lakes are not boiling, but freezing instead, and New York City is not underwater at the moment, so global warming is just a hoax created by former vice president Al Gore.

He doesn’t consider global warming to be a threat, instead, he’s afraid that student loans and their inability to get a job will turn out to be a real disaster for our society.

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