Celebrities Who Believe in Some of the Craziest Conspiracy Theories Out There

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Madonna-COVID-19 Vaccine Withholding

Since COVID-19 first emerged in China in 2019, a lot of conspiracy theories appeared as well around this topic. People have been confused since this pandemic hit the entire world really hard.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the origins of the virus, as some people believe it was created in the lab, while other people are skeptical about the treatment as well. Madonna is also one of the celebrities who has been vocal about these famous conspiracy theories.

Before the vaccines against COVID-19 have begun rolling out in the United States, Madonna shared with her fan base that she believes the vaccines already exist, even though they’re being withheld on purpose from the public.

The 80s pop icon shared in a video that has been deleted from Instagram soon after, that we don’t have vaccines available because they’re not profitable yet, and they will continue to be withheld from the public until they will make a profit. Madonna also mentioned in the video that our government and the pharmaceutical industry would rather see millions of people die from the infection rather than losing money.

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