Celebrities Who Believe in Some of the Craziest Conspiracy Theories Out There

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Jaden Smith -Wakanda

Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith believes in one of the most unorthodox conspiracy theories out there, and he’s very vocal about it. In fact, he shared photos on all his social media platforms almost every day, where he talks about pyramid conspiracies and healing crystals.

Moreover, he even created a cult based on his beliefs and strongly supports the idea that mirrors and eyes are not real, which we can all agree that is a very crazy conspiracy theory, with very little evidence to it, unlike other theories.

Jaden Smith also shared that he believes that there are still pockets of civilization hidden in certain parts of the world, such as Wakanda. He also believes these civilizations have access to hyper-advanced technology, and they’re not sharing them with the rest of the world. Additionally, he encourages people to explore and find out more about these civilizations, even though he didn’t say anything about where they could be located.

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