Delta Plus vs. Omicron – Which One Is More Dangerous?

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4. Emergence 

Delta: It was identified for the first time in India in December 2020 and it is thought to have originated from someone whose immune system had been affected maybe as a result of drugs or an illness such as HIV/AIDS.

Omicron: Several researchers believe that Omicron exists since October 2021. In conformity with the journal of Science, this variant didn’t evolve from the other variants of concern, such as Alpha or Delta. According to the same source, it is believed that it evolved in parallel with the other variants. Omicron is very different from the others, so finding its nearest relative is challenging and difficult.

5. The severity of the disease

Delta: It has been found that a lot of people died because of the Delta variant. As some sources say, that is because this variant infected a lot of individuals.

Omicron: We have no idea about Omicron’s virulence. In South Africa, cases are increasing faster than hospital admissions, indicating that the disease is becoming less severe. Moreover, despite an increase in hospital admissions, there has been no increase in the use of ICU beds so far.

An explanation for this might be the fact that so far, Omicron infected younger people, rather than the elderly. In addition to that, it might be so because the body’s “memory” immunity is kicking in with vaccinated and previously infected persons.

However, if vaccine’s “breakthroughs” infections will end up causing hospitalizations, it will suggest that people’s antibodies are not that defensive.


What do you think about this new variant? Also, which one of its variants do you think is more dangerous? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment in the section down below!


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