Do These Two Tests to See How Effective Your Mask Is

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Try to blow out a candle while having your mask on.

Another good method to find out if your mask fully protects you against COVID-19 is by simply blowing out a candle while wearing your mask, writes The Washington Post. This quick trick will help you understand how safe you are in the face of the virus.

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According to Neysa Ernst, RN, nurse manager of the Biocontainment Unit at Johns Hopkins Medicine, “You should not be able to blow out a birthday candle with a mask on.”

This quick test has gone viral all over social media, especially on TikTok, but according to health experts, it’s a good method to find out if your mask is effective or not. As Amy Price, DPhil, a senior research scientist at Stanford University’s Anesthesia Informatics and Media Laboratory has explained, you can tell is a face mask is effective by simply trying to blow out a candle.

If the flame stays lit, you know for sure that mask is going to protect you against the virus. However, if you managed to blow out the candle, it might indicate that your mask is not providing a very strong barrier in order to prevent a COVID infection, “as there is too much air between you and the world,” Price added.

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