Do These Two Tests to See How Effective Your Mask Is

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Opt for masks that are approved by health experts.

According to Abraar Karan, MD, a physician at Harvard Medical School, “being able to blow a candle out maybe some measure of how well particles can exit your mask, [but it’s] unclear to me how reliable that is as a proxy for small aerosols exiting with normal speaking or coughing.”

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Additionally, according to scientist and chief technology officer at mask company AM99™ Terry T.L. Au-Yeung, PhD, the light test is a good option if you want to see how thick is your mask and how many layers it has.

However, “letting light through has no relation to letting the virus through,” she added. Au-Yeung explained that people shouldn’t confuse the transmission of light with the transmission of coronavirus because it’s not the same thing.

The masks you wear are very important in keeping you safe, so it’s important to wear the ones that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including N95, surgical masks, cloth masks with a baby wipe between layers, double masks, and masks with filter pockets.

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