Late Night Eaters Tend to Consume More Calories, Study Shows

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Another related study showed that people who usually skip breakfast were more likely to have a high BMI. The study conducted by researchers at the University of Barcelona with 1,100 students from Spain and Mexico showed that participants who changed their routine on the weekends and ate three-and-a-half hours later than they did on weekdays had a high BMI.

Also, it’s important to note that the quality of diet, food choices, activity level, and how much they slept didn’t influence that aspect. According to scientists, our biological clocks called circadian systems are set to make the metabolism break down food at certain times.

Our biological clock is programmed to prepare the metabolism in order to know exactly when it should spend energy digesting food or utilizing certain nutrients. By eating late at night, you basically catch your metabolism off-guard and it cannot work as it normally does. Therefore, this leads to our bodies storing extra fat.

The study also found that the more time difference there is between weekdays and weekends meals, the more weight an individual can gain. So, by having brunch instead of breakfast can impact your weight.


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