Life After Coronavirus-How to Improve Your Relationship with Nature


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In light of this, I hope that the coronavirus pandemic will lead to action to resolve the underlying causes of disease, including the degradation of ecosystems and the loss of biodiversity. The challenge of saving the world in an age of rapidly escalating climate crisis is overwhelming and people still feel frustrated and powerless to contribute to change.

However, our recent positive encounters with the world also offer a rare opportunity to emerge from a pandemic with a stronger relationship with nature. Recognizing the importance of green spaces should be promoted long after the pandemic has passed and, if managed correctly, may promote community-level action to protect ecosystems from further human incursions.

As we look to the future, rising cities need to improve existing green spaces and create new ones within current city boundaries. Green areas within cities encourage health objectives without damaging biodiverse areas elsewhere. Seeing nature outside cities will remain vital for the preservation of human health, but it will only be possible to have access to and seeing in the long term if we can find a healthy balance between our use of resources and nature protection.

It will be important to implement and improve environmental regulations to protect or restore biodiverse areas. The cost of maintaining these areas for biodiversity conservation and recreation is easier to communicate if the full spectrum of benefits are recognized, including the contribution they provide to human health.

A green approach that lets us build better after coronavirus will promote sustainable development on many fronts, not just for mental and physical well-being, but also to ensure that several global objectives, such as fighting climate change and minimizing environmental disasters, can be accomplished.

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