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1. Find your car

Let’s face it, there is no human being on this planet who hasn’t forgotten at least once where they have parked their car! Sometimes the parking lot is just too big, and it can make you feel like you are in a maze. No need to worry, because Apple took care of it! As long as you haven’t turned off this feature, obviously.

If your feature is on, then your Maps app should always keep the location where you parked your vehicle, of course, that happens if your phone was linked to the car through Apple CarPlay or Bluetooth when you parked.

To find your vehicle, open Maps and choose “Parked Car”. If you’re feeling a little lazy and want something more simple, just ask Siri “Where did I park?”.

If you don’t like this feature and prefer your phone without knowing that, then go into Settings>Maps and turn off Show Parked Location.

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  1. I think that’s really neat that you published those tips. I knew I had some of them but didn’t really know how to use them. Thanks so much for sharing that info. Makes it so much nicer to have an iPhone.

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