The United States Will Get Back to Normality By This Date, Experts Say

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The states that are now in a dangerous situation with COVID-19.

As previously mentioned, we’re definitely on the right path with COVID-19 and there’s a lot to celebrate in terms of how the pandemic is going in the United States. As Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown, 101.4 million American people are fully vaccinated as of April 30.

That’s almost half the population of the United States, so that’s definitely good news for getting our old lives back as soon as possible. Also, COVID-19 cases have begun dropping significantly in most states, even though for some of them the situation is not as good.

But according to NPR, the numbers haven’t been that low in the United States since October 2020, so there’s a lot to celebrate. However, even though there’s a lot of great news regarding the course of the pandemic, it’s still very concerning that vaccination rates are continuing to go down.

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