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Maybe we didn’t search well enough.

If we’re being honest, we have to admit that we started looking for aliens approximately 50 years ago. even though there were people that were intrigued by extraterrestrials long before that, there wasn’t proper equipment to help them take searching to the next level.

It could take us centuries or even more until we find proof of alien existence in the Universe. Let’s not forget that 50 years in the universe is less than a fraction of a blink of an eye, so maybe we should just be patient and continue looking for little green men.

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The next hypothesis could be super likely…..

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1 thought on “This Might Be Why We Haven’t Found Aliens Yet”

  1. Perhaps it’s because our sci fi concept of aliens does not exist . Or perhaps they took a look at the human race and said ” Nah ! We don’t want to be dealing with these idiots “

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