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Dark energy prevents us from seeing them.

Dark energy, as it is called by scientists and astronomers is an invisible substance that forces the universe to expand, galaxies to move apart and distant stars to look dull. Scientists believe that dark energy could expand the universe so much, that in a few trillion, we won’t be able to spot the lights on any other galaxies.

While this is definitely very concerning, we need to make sure we’re exploring as much as we can until then, as we’re on a deadline to find extraterrestrial life outside our planet.

According to Dan Hooper, an astrophysicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois, thanks to the dark energy, the stars will become unobservable and inaccessible for us.

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1 thought on “This Might Be Why We Haven’t Found Aliens Yet”

  1. Perhaps it’s because our sci fi concept of aliens does not exist . Or perhaps they took a look at the human race and said ” Nah ! We don’t want to be dealing with these idiots “

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