What Can Be Done to Avoid Future Pandemics Like COVID-19

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3. We need to strengthen our health systems

Lastly, but not least, we can’t be strong if our health systems aren’t strong, too. Therefore, we need to ensure that all the health systems around the world have the equipment and the trained personnel needed to provide proper care. After all, a global pandemic often leaves people with symptoms that can be forever. These Are the Coronavirus Symptoms You May Have Forever.

Additionally, solidarity between countries is very important to overcome a virus that spreads so easily. According to Dr. Barbara Rath, national egotism doesn’t work. She continued saying that it’s very disappointing to see many countries comparing themselves to others, adding that very often the spread of the virus can be caused by various factors, and some are just coincidence.

Therefore, these comparisons aren’t useful at all. If we’ve learned something from the coronavirus pandemic is that there are many gaps in most of the supply chains and many inequalities in terms of accessing care.

Needless to say, it’s vital that we learn our lessons from this pandemic so that if something even worse will appear along the way we can fall back into some automatic responses, Rath said.
Oliver Rosenbauer has urged the importance of strong health care systems as the best things countries can do to minimize the risk and consequences caused by infectious diseases. It all goes down to the need for strong health systems, she added.

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