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What can syncytia do to our health?

Apart from the increased transmission, Delta’s power to form syncytia has other consequences, as well. One of them would be that it helps the virus hide away from our immune system. The other one is that it makes the virus more damaging to our bodies.
If a virus infects a cell, it will fool the cell’s protein-making system to make more copies of itself.

When the cell dies, the new copies will be released into the plasma outside the cell, floating over and infecting even more cells. In this particular extracellular space is the battle happening, the virus can be attacked by the neutralizing antibodies of our immune system.

But antibodies don’t enter inside the cell, so if the viruses manage to find a way of going from one cell to another by just fusing with each other, the antibodies won’t be able to do much.

Next, how are they affecting the children?…..

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