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Climate change is a real problem that has to be addressed as soon as possible, before we hit the point of no return. It’s something that’s affecting every country on every continent, so no one is truly safe.

However, there are some countries that are more likely to survive a climate change collapse, according to a new study published in the Sustainability journal by the Global Sustainability Institute. So, let’s see the 6 countries best equipped to survive a global societal collapse.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand it’s actually the country most likely to survive the imminent climate change collapse, because it’s a remote island that still has some untapped resources.

It seems like some of the cryptocurrency millionaires of the world also think of New Zealand as a solid outlet for survival, as they already have shown interest in buying properties in this country.

2. Tasmania

Tasmania is a small Australian island with a thriving agricultural infrastructure that can be self-sustainable in case of a climate apocalypse.

3. Ireland

Ireland is another island that is both isolated and self-sustainable. It’s rich in resources and can keep its population alive with the help of its booming agriculture industry.

4. Iceland

Although Iceland is at risk of being affected by the rising sea levels as nearby glaciers are melting, it still has a lot of agricultural potential. Iceland’s capacity to support renewable energy is also an important strength that would allow its inhabitants to survive a climate change collapse.

5. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom clearly has the potential to survive, but only if its agricultural capabilities and renewable energy will be significantly increased.

6. United States and Canada

They both have a lot of potential, but their shared border can be really problematic because of the risk of mass migration. Also, they have to improve their production, agriculture, and energy generation.

Although these countries have the highest chances of survival in the event of a climate change collapse, no one can predict exactly what may happen, so in the meantime we should all try to do our part when it comes to preventing a climate apocalypse.

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