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Who hasn’t heard of a haunted hotel where ghosts are walking around in the lobby, spirits are singing at the piano, and some of the phantoms are resting in guests’ beds? After all, scary stories are a common motif in Hollywood horror movies and children’s terrifying books.

As it turns out, these are not just inventions and pure imagination, but they are actually based on true facts. Many enthusiasts will happily say that there are several haunted hotels across the United States of America where guests can actually stay and receive the whole frightening experience.

And what about the following list of haunted hotels? It also has the hotel where Stephen King stayed before writing his famous book The Shinning. All it took was a special and scary night at the Colorado hotel to turn a novel into a pop-culture phenomenon!

If you dare to dive deeper, I invite you to lose yourself in this list of haunted hotels! Who knows, maybe some of them are next to your own house!

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