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Did you know that instead of eating pork meat, a pig is actually able to save someone’s life?

Are you intrigued yet? Well, hold on, let’s start at the beginning!

As you might know, there are a few problems when it comes to organ transplants. That is because there are not many people who are willing to become donors, but unfortunately, there are a lot of patients who desperately need different organs in order to survive.

Volunteers and medical staff have created several campaigns over the years, to encourage organ donations. According to experts, every 9 minutes a new person is added to the waiting list for receiving a transplant.

No more with these worries, stress, anxiety, and feeling hopeless! That is because a group of researchers from the Center for Innovative Medical Models Facility of Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, are breeding genetically modifying pigs, with the purpose that one day, they will serve as organ donors for human patients.

If you want to find out how they have developed this idea and how far they are with this project, keep reading to find out!

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