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Can you imagine your life without adding salt to your food? It would be a little tasteless, without any seasoning. Believe it or not, salt is not just an ingredient for a delicious recipe, but actually, throughout history, salt became the main subject of many fairy tales, stories, fables and folktales.

There is a story where an emperor ask his three daughters to tell him how much they love him. The first one said that she loves her father as much as she loves honey. The second one said that she adores her father as much as she adores sugar. The third one and also the youngest one said that she loves him as she loves salt in food.

The emperor got upset and told hid daughter to leave and go somewhere else. After a few years, the girl decided to get married and invited her father. She cooked some meals for him, but they only had sugar and honey in them. After a while, the emperor remember everything and begged his daughter to forgive him.

Just like in the story above, salt was really important for people around the world. In today’s article we’ll discuss everything about salt: how it was used as a salary, how it played in major role in a Civil War and many other things.

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