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We have heard many times that every human being is different and unique, especially when it comes to attitude. That’s because everyone has a different background and a different personality.

On the other hand, when it comes to physical appearance, we are more alike, because, if you think about it, we don’t have that many options. Our eyes are either green, blue, hazel or black and our hair is red, blond, brunette or black. People inherit a lot of things from their parents and even grandparents, such as abilities, eye color, sometimes even likes and dislikes.

According to Dawn Allain, who is a director of the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and also a licensed genetic counselor, there are three main methods of how you can inherit traits from your mother and father.

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4 thoughts on “14 Things That You Inherited From Your Parents”

  1. dennis joseph donahue

    my grandfather on my mother’s side was called “Black Tom Murphy” …because of his black hair. I am 86 and just started to have some gray in my black hair!!!!

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