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Have you ever thought about an extreme situation where you take part in? Actually, a situation so bad, that you don’t even think that you will get over it. If you ask me the same thing, then yes, I have thought about this, but not for so long, because I feel anxious when my mind goes to a situation like this.

That’s why we need to be prepared for extreme situations and conditions. Of course they are more likely to never happen – at least hope so – but still, better to prevent than to treat.

In order to do this, I gathered some life hacks that can actually save your life. From dry skin to drowning, here are 7 essential life hacks.

1. Escape from a sinking car 

In every movie there is a car sinking, we can see people that are trying desperately to push the door open. This won’t ever happen, due to the pressure of the water.

What will happen is that people will start panicking and that’s not good when there’s a situation like that.

Best way is to roll the windows down and swim outside of the car through them.

2. Protect your face from the cold air

If it’s freezing outside, your face will get really red and it will most likely dry afterwards. That’s why, in order to protect it and keep it hydrated, apply some baby oil on your skin before you’re going outside.

Baby oil will create an extra layer on your face, so you’ll be protected from the cold air and also, you’ll be moisturized for longer.

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