Here Are 14 Traits That You Probably Got From Your Parents

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Do you know what characteristics you inherited from your parents? 

We’ve all heard that it’s impossible for 2 people to have the same personality or outlook on life and that’s absolutely right. This is particularly true when it comes to attitudes because, as we all already know, each one of us has unique experiences and characteristics. But that is not something bad, because otherwise, everyone would be the same. And where’s the fun in that, TBH?

However, when it comes to our physical appearance, we tend to be more alike because, when you really stop to think about it, we don’t have a lot of leeway. I mean, how many options are really there?

Each of us has a distinct set of eyes (either green, blue, hazel, or black), hair color (red, brown, blonde, or black), and skin tone (this is a separate topic that we will not cover in today’s article).

But did you know that your abilities, the color of your eyes, and even the things you like or just, are just some of the traits that might be passed down from generation to generation?

There are 3 primary ways that features are passed down from parents, as Dawn Allain, head of the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and a registered genetic counselor says.

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