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All people love beauty, money, and wealth, but the most important thing in life is being healthy. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize how lucky we are when we have a good health condition until something happens. There are many people who die because of viruses, accidents, or because their organs stop functioning.

Although there are many ways they can be saved, sometimes saving a life can sound a little bit morbid. According to, the number of people who need organs to survive has increased over time. Also, a greater proportion of them are suitable for organ transplants.

According to, every 9 minutes another patient in the United States of America is added to a list that says that they are eligible for organ transplants. Unfortunately, there are not enough donors that can help these people live. This is due to the fact that only a little over 50% of American adult citizens have enrolled themselves as organ donors.

In conformity with, as of 2020, over 160 million people that live in the United States of America have registered as organ donors. Although not everyone who registers is able to donate, many people die in different ways, and not all are eligible for organ donation.

Even though it sounds sad to think about, someone waits for somebody to die, so they can live. If you think about it, people die in accidents, so you can’t predict it or stop it. But you can save a life! Here are some reasons to consider becoming an organ donor:

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