10 Etiquette Rules You Have to Consider Whenever Wearing a Face Mask

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Even if doesn’t seem like it, there is a right and wrong way regarding how you handle, wear, and care for your face masks. Better learn these 10 dos and don’ts, so you won’t find yourself in uncomfortable situations or even risk other people’s health (from the strangers you come in contact with every day to family and friends).

The coronavirus pandemic has changed every little aspect of our lives, and if you ever left your house in these past few months, you most likely came across a face mask faux pas or even two. Or if you haven’t seen it in person (lucky you) you surely have seen it on the internet. For example, a photo was recently all over the internet with a man who used his face mask to cover his eyes from sunlight while he napped (on a plane, with other passengers he could’ve put at risk near him), instead of covering his mouth and nose.

As it seems, these things happen every day, at the supermarket, in the means of public transportation and other public spaces. So, while we’re all still adjusting to this “new normal” life that enquires wearing a mask, here are 10 etiquette rules we should all follow when wearing a face covering!

“Masks are here to stay, at least until we have a vaccine and herd immunity,” says Lisa Mirza Grotts, aka the Golden Rules Gal, an etiquette expert in San Francisco. “A mask is worn to protect yourself and others. Practice the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

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5 thoughts on “10 Etiquette Rules You Have to Consider Whenever Wearing a Face Mask”

  1. Katherine Gibson

    the extra masks in your purse should be put in a zip lock bag to be sure they stay clean until used. Thank You

  2. Since most of your exhaled breath flows AROUND all but medical-grade tightly fitted masks, they do NOTHING to protect others. Use a little logic and reason, please. It’s all for show, folks. Just silly virtue-signaling, meant to keep the peons fearful enough to crash the economy and encourage the mail-in voting, which is easier to rig.

  3. Thanks for finally talking about > 10 Etiquette Rules You Have to Consider Whenever Wearing a Face Mask – Page 6 of 10 – ScienceToday < Liked it!

  4. I have never worn a ‘mask’. I have a thin scarf I wear when required for entrance to places I go. The masks do nothing but perpetrate fear.

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