10 Favorite Foods You Had No Idea Were Actually Inflammable

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Not that we would be any Guy Fieri in the kitchen or something, but we could still enjoy the occasional spaghetti burnin..sorry, cooking from now and then.

Only God knows you don’t need to be extremely talented or skilled to find yourself some work to do in the kitchen, but sometimes this experience can lead to unwanted experiments.

To discover on your own which of the foods you’re about to cook are inflammable really does need some serious untalented hands. We thought we could spare you the time and effort of finding out on your own and give you a list of foods that are flammable. Bon appetit!

  • Flour – Because flour is a carbohydrate, it is highly explosive, specifically when it gets in contact with air. This powdered ingredient can catch flames if it’s put directly in a heated pan.
  • Sugar – Sugar is a carbohydrate as well, so it is flammable for the same reasons as flour. If sugar gets hot enough, it can ignite. If you don’t combine sugar with anything while cooking it, you might get an explosive surprise.
  • Cooking Oil – Cooking oils can be hazardous if not used properly. Before using any cooking oils in your food, try learning about the proper temperature it needs to be cooked at.
  • Marsala Wine or Sherry – The reason why Marsala sauce or sherry is flammable is pretty obvious because they contain alcohol. And as with any other ingredient that contains alcohol, you need to pay special attention when you cook it.
  • Non-dairy milk and creamer – Non-dairy milk comes as a substitute when milk and creamer are needed. Because they come in a powder form, they have the same properties as flour and sugar, so they have the same ignition. Also, non-dairy creamer contains sodium aluminosilicate, which can burn if it’s exposed to heat or fire.
  • Cinnamon – This ingredient contains cinnamaldehyde and eugenol, two compounds that give the special flavor of cinnamon and are extremely inflammable as well.
  • Garlic – Do you ever asked yourself why garlic starts splashing oil out of the pan when cooked? Well, because it contains the oil itself, so it burns very quickly.
  • Orange Shavings – When you squeeze the orange shavings, they produce a substance called limonene, which is flammable.
  • Meat – This food can be highly flammable because it is rich in fat. Grease fires are very common in the kitchen, so you better avoid putting a frozen turkey into boiling oil if you don’t want to extinguish 10 feet high flames.
  • Snacks – This is the saddest so far: our favorite snacks can be fire hazards. Chips like Doritos, Cheetos and other common types are flammable because they contain fatty foods and hydrocarbon, and both can provoke ignition.

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