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We have a very long, dark, and bloody history when it comes to psychiatric hospitals and haunted asylums. These institutions are known to be prisons for people with mental disorders, who were often treated very badly and even abused by the staff.

It’s true that people with mental health conditions can be aggressive and violent, if you take into consideration the way they were treated by the staff, you can imagine why asylums were considered to be hell on Earth, literally.

However, many asylums have been shut down due to the “deinstitutionalization” waves in the 1950s, and have stayed like this until the present moment. But they’re not completely empty, some would say, as many paranormal encounters have been reported in several asylums, after many years of cruelty and torture.

If you’re one to believe in ghosts and spirits, abandoned asylums are probably the best places to look for them. So read on to discover the 10 haunted asylums that will give you goosebumps!

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