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The 70’s and 80’s revolutionized life as we know it today. From a technological perspective, they have marked the emergence of a series of innovations that have changed the way we live, such as VCRs, cordless phones, and personal computers.

We are all very much used to living in this age of advanced technology, of iPads, high-performance phones or laptops, so it’s only natural to become nostalgic when we remember the pictures taken with our first Polaroid camera or our very first computer, which although it was many light years away from the technology we have today, at that time it was something absolutely fascinating and incredible.

These are now outdated technologies, that are long forgotten in our attics or basements. Some of them were not even resoundingly successful (or at all, for that matter), but for sure these following 70s and 80s technologies were ahead of their time.

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