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CDC and health-care workers confirm new signs of Covid-19, ranging from loss of taste or smell to “COVID toes.” Covid-19 ‘s new symptoms seem to appear daily, with the recent addition of six symptoms to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) list.

However, not even the CDC definition will include the entire spectrum of symptoms seen by healthcare workers every day, says William Schaffner, MD, an infectious diseases specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Covid-19’s main symptoms are still predominantly respiratory— cough and shortness of breath, along with a fever— but it doesn’t stop there.

“There’s a profound inflammatory response going on everywhere in the body,” explains Matthew G. Heinz, MD, a hospitalist and internist at Tucson Medical Center in Arizona. “It’s not just affecting one particular organ system.”

Covid-19 signs are showing up all over the body. Research is still limited since the virus is so new, but here is what is known about some of the more alarming signs and complications so far.

Let’s make sense of this first one…..

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12 thoughts on “11 New Covid-19 Symptoms and Complications”

  1. My husband started last February with shortness of breath and a drops in oxygen saturation levels. He has preciously been diagnosed with mild asthma. He had fallen and fractured his back last November and the 3 fractures are now all healed. Since last February, we had called the EMTs a few time to provide oxygen and then he recovered normal saturation levels. However, his low oxygen levels prompted his doctor to prescribe supplemental oxygen at home. The oxygen was delivered April 1, and provided relief when he became short of breath. We had called EMTs on May 1 as the supplemental oxygen was not providing relief and set at 5, his levels were down to 80. He went to hospital by ambulance and right into ICU, where he was diagnosed as having Covid. He spent the month of May in the hospital. I could not go with him as hospitals were closed to visitors. After testing negative for Covid a few times he was discharged to come home on May 27. He was unable to walk, which was attributed to being in hospital bed for so long. Here we are on December 2, 2020, he has been getting physical therapy several times a week and doing exercises independently, but his legs still do not support his body weight for more than a few steps and he requires a wheel chair. Just making transition from wheel chair to arm chair is difficult and has required EMTs to assist if he ends up on the floor. He has had no fevers nor lung congestion…….but he does sleep a lot. His medications include Flecanide for Aphib, cholestral medication, and vitamins B and D. He has alternated Tylenol, Hydrocodone, or Galapentan for his back pain that is ongoing. At this time, we need to know if his inability to walk is due to the back pain, Covid 19, or is something else affecting his muscles.

    1. Elizabeth Rubino

      OH my Judy, I am so sorry to hear of this ordeal both you and your husband have been through. I have mild asthma and back issues also. This Covid can kill. He “has to get his strength back” from being in the hospital so long. Is he in Rehab “inside the hospital or is he home with aides coming to the house?” Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shirley Sherfield

    I believe that Covid-19 was in the United States in November, 2019. I was sick for six weeks in November and December of last year. I went to the doctor every Friday fo three weeks and was told that I had a virus. I had many of the symptoms that we knew about then and some that we have known about only recently. My husband was sick for only a few days, but he is healthier than I am. I have since known two other people who had similar symptoms. I think there were a lot more people than my husband and me, but didn’t know what was wrong with them. Just saying.

    1. My husband and I flew back to Las Vegas from Virginia the end of Nov. 2019. I came down with a severe flu like condition. Went to the doctors and was told I has a virus. Nothing they could do for me. Just had to run it’s course. My husband a few days later came down with pneumonia which lasted eight weeks. My adult children also came down with flu like symptoms. I just had a talk with my doctor and told her that I was tested in April to see if I had the anti bodies for Covid and that I tested negative. My husband was also tested and was negative. She said we probably had the COVID 19 but the anti bodies only stay in your system for about 3 months and the anti bodies were gone when we tested in April.

    2. I was like that but in November/December 2020. I was told I had Pneumonia. I ran to the doctors seems like every week, with lots of meds to take then told after 6 weeks I had Pneumonia again. I have had Pneumonia in my past but it felt very different to me not the same at all. Then in February, they tell us about this virus and I start thinking I wonder, I just wonder.

    3. I had a bronchitis with terrible wheezing and slight fever that I had never experienced or ever had before for four days. I thought the same thing about that illness. I took an antibody test about 6 months later. I had no antibodies. My brother had something similar, he was tested for antibodies and had none. Have an antibody test ( or 2 to verify it, to see if you had Covid), that will tell you whether you did, simple as that. I kept telling the story to everyone, that I think I had Covid, like a War Story, and I did not. My bronchitis appeared 1/28/20, a week after I first heard about the story on the news.

    4. I also spent from Thanjsgiving 2019 to early January 2020 sicker than I ever was in my life. Doctor said Flu. I agree covid!

  3. Is this truly scientific or is it blaming every condition on this virus. It’s begining to sound like what ever can be fit into the covid basket is where it gets put.

    1. Anita M Hines

      As long as the government is paying doctors and hospitals extra $$ if they state COVID-19 as the diagnosis, they will do so! Ever notice that the annual flu percentage rate is super low this year? A stroke of the pen is changing “flu” to “COVID-19” so doctors and hospitals make more money!!

  4. I have gas after eating Mexican food, is that Covid to or just the natural reaction? Could be racist against my intestines as well…. OMG stop the madness. A bunny rabbits wearing a mask on the balcony of the White House. I am 73 and never wear a mask unless required to
    enter a store and take it off asap. Build up your immune system! Worry and stress has a lot
    to do with your health.

  5. I am a fully healthy 64 year old male. Walk 3-4 miles a day. No meds. No underlying problems. Never had pneumonia or the flu. Got Covid 2/21. 9 days in the hospital with Covid pneumonia. Different from regular pneumonia. They called it shattered glass . Thats what it looks like in the catscan. Took me 3 months to get to somewhat normal. Still experiencing lower back pain. I believe it attacks the central nervous system. And causes many inflammatory illnesses. Especially if you had already experienced previous disorders. It may exasperates the problems . 7 months later im still experiencing problems. Its a crapshoot. Listen to yourself. Your body. No one knows when or where. It justs happens. Peace be with you

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