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It is bound by its motto ‘for the benefit of all,’ since its formation NASA has had a huge responsibility to encourage and transfer its technological and scientific breakthroughs to the public and commercial spheres. Take a look at some of the incredible inventions you will find in your very own home​.

It will be easy to filter this next invention…..

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5 thoughts on “5 NASA Inventions Everyone Has in Their Home”

  1. Kathryn W. Willimas

    I have said for years and years that NASA, and the space industry, need to make public all the “spinoffs” that have come from, and been generated by, the industry. I don’t believe that John Q. Public has any idea the number, and the importance and the benefits, derived from these discoveries in their daily lives. These include everyday items in the medical, technological, military, and many other areas which have filtered down, and benefited us all, but of which the average person is unaware,
    If the person on the street became aware of how easier, safer, and in some instances, life-saving, our lives had become, they would put the space industry and its importance at or near the top of the budget list for America!

  2. It’s all about R & D, Research and Development. Figuring out how to accomplish something, and then building it in a way that consistently works. Research needs motivation, NASA and the space race provided it. The rest was great work by smart people.
    NASA has been fighting for its budget for years, and it gets cut all the time.

  3. Juliette R Bass

    My husband worked for NASA for many years under private contractors. I saw all the benefits of the Space Program from the 1960’s on. Thus, the benefits we gain from these programs and researches outweigh the costs of them. Science leads to more discovery. We need to fund it.

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