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With the coronavirus continuing to be a real threat to human health, everybody’s waiting for the vaccine to be available for mass use. But recent studies show that there are other procedures that can give us hope for treating and preventing COVID-19.

Last week came with great news for those who want a little hope in these harsh times. Researchers have found a new antibody-based therapy for COVID-19, but there are still many trials and lab tests that need to be done until they can begin human testing. However, this method looks very promising and is expected to be ready for human testing in 2021.

Antibody therapy works just like vaccines. Its main purpose is to strengthen the immune system’s capacity to identify and kill the virus. But it focuses on eliminating the virus, rather than just imitating the infection so that the immune system learns how to fight it in the future.

“We’re interested in developing antibodies that can actually block the entry of the virus into the cells and therefore stop virus infection,” said Associate Professor Wai-Hong Tham from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

Several clinical trials are now taking place and researchers all over the world are working on developing antibody-treatments as soon as possible.

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