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The entire world is now dealing with a virus that just doesn’t want to leave. With more than 60 million COVID-19 cases worldwide and almost 13 million cases just in the United States, the numbers continue to rise all across the Globe. It’s true that we have vaccines on the way, but scientists over the world are working on finding how much does the immunity for those who had COVID-19 last.

They have identified that the immune proteins otherwise known as antibodies are still present in the human body six months after patients have recovered from COVID-19. Besides being very good news, the scientists have also found that those antibodies are very helpful in fighting COVID-19, according to a preliminary study published on Nov. 5th on bioRxiv.org.

After being infected with the novel coronavirus, patients are left with some leftover pieces of the virus in their gut. These pieces have been proven to help our immune system in his fight with the virus.

Researchers Explain Why SARS-CoV-2 May Be Here to Stay.

In their study, the researchers also mentioned how long will a vaccination work in order to provide protection. As their findings have shown, immunity resulted from vaccination is expected to last as long, or even longer than natural immunity.

Immune proteins are known to bind to microbes in order to fight off the infection. It’s our body’s way to protect itself from viruses. During an infection, our body makes a lot of antibodies. After six months, several patients that have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 have gathered a wide variety of antibodies, which have proven to be stronger than those developed when contracting the virus.

The good part is that these immune proteins have the power to recognize mutated versions of the virus, according to researchers. It’s safe to say that our antibodies have upgraded over time, and the immune cells that make those antibodies have been shown to remain in the blood. Therefore, when people will be exposed to COVID-19 again, the immune cells or otherwise known as B cells will come to their rescue and launch a fast response.

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