COVID-19 Proven to Live Up to a Month On These 4 Items

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made us pay very close attention to a lot of things that we didn’t think were important before. Also, many public health campaigns have urged people to be cautious around several surfaces and items that can carry the virus for up to a month.

While it was scientifically proven that COVID-19 spreads primarily from person to person, one can also get the virus from touching contaminated surfaces. That’s why it’s so important to wash your hands frequently, because even though you might not get in contact with other people, maybe you’ve touched a contaminated surface, and boom, you’re infected.

I’m sure that most of you are tired of constantly hearing new information about COVID-19, a recent study made in Australia found that the virus can live for up to 28 days on certain surfaces at room temperature. According to the study, among those items mentioned in the study, are two things we touch the most throughout the day: money and phone.

The study found that the smooth surface of the phone and banknotes contributed to giving COVID-19 a longer lifespan. What concerned scientists the most, was the fact that the virus proved to be more powerful than the flu, which was also proven to live up to 17 days.

According to Debbie Eagles, MD, co-author of the study, “Our results show that SARS-CoV-2 can remain infectious on surfaces for long periods of time, reinforcing the need for good practices such as regular handwashing and cleaning surfaces.”

“At 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), which is about room temperature, we found that the virus was extremely robust, surviving for 28 days on smooth surfaces such as glass found on mobile phone screens and plastic banknotes.”

However, it’s important to note that the virus is expected to live less outside the laboratory, as the conditions are obviously very different. The study I’ve previously mentioned was conducted in the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness, under a UV light known to eliminate the virus. Nonetheless, this study states again how important it is to frequently wash your hands after touching cash. Also, your phone needs to be properly cleaned regularly, as it is considered a COVID-19 high-risk surface.

28 thoughts on “COVID-19 Proven to Live Up to a Month On These 4 Items”

  1. i think the crap about covid-19 is as corrupt as the people pushing it to maintain control of those they can push around. It has a survival rate of over 99.9%. I’m not worried about it and I’m in my mid 70’s. Lay off the damned ignorant guilt trips, media morons!

    1. Tell that to the thousands of people who have lost someone. You’re a know-it-all old fart and you’re lucky you haven’t come down with the virus. Yet. Does it mean anything to you that that small percentage of human beings who die represents hundreds of thousands of people’s loved ones? My 36-year-old son has Chrone’s Disease and if he becomes infected he will die. But why should you give a shit about him? You’re the moron since you blather that a small percentage of millions equals a small number. Shut the fuck up.

    2. Hopefully, you and your loved ones don’t get this terrible virus.. you can stick your head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge it, but I’ve had it for 38 days now.. it’s REAL…
      Be safe!

    3. The ignorance of the above comment is breathtaking. What are this guy’s sources to truth? Then to demand that media stop publicizing new information with his profane demand is simply evidence of his moronic blather.

      1. Let’s be truthful…germs are everywhere. We all know that the items that carry the most are the ones that are handled the most. Your phone, doors and money…or anything you can handle or hold. Please use your common sense…so many don’t.

    4. Tell that to the family of my cousin & her husband who died from this disease! Ignorant comments during a rise in cases aren’t useful or necessary.

    5. Keep listening to the bilge thrown out by NotsoBreitbart, Newsmax, OAN and the non-news Fox sycophants and you most likely won’t last long enough to even get a chance at getting a vaccine. Read any history of the 1918 pandemic and you’ll see an instruction manual for today.

    6. The death rate in the US is currently about 2.5%. You should research COVID-19’s real impact on people before YOU post misinformation yourself.

    7. If we keep ignoring the science and continue rejecting the facts, what would you do when the virus becomes out of control and millions upon millions have already died? Marshal law, major quarantines, entire families wiped out bcos of people such as yourself continue to believe in Fear, Hope, and COVID-19.
      Strategic Emotional Rhetoric has a Huge Impact on the Mass Public.
      Emotions play a vital role in the behavior of individuals during pandemics. Fear, for instance, increases the likelihood that citizens follow public health advice while hope can induce false op­timism which can lead to lower levels of protective behavior. However, do political parties make strategic use of emotional appeals during pandemics? Furthermore, do these strategies succeed in actually influencing public opinion and thereby potentially citizens’ behavior?

  2. I believe this virus is all very real, and we need to listen to the disease doctors on how to handle our daily lives so we can once and for all get rid of this.

    I had friends who voted for Trump who felt after the election, we would see the virus go away quickly. What??? Well, guess what…….it is worse than ever, especially in my state of Wisconsin. I stay social distanced from others, and always, always always have on a mask in any indoor facility. If others would do the same……this virus would go down substantially. I cannot believe the ignorance of so many people in the US concerning this ongoing virus. Most are educated people, and to say it will go away after the election is over is almost unbelievable.

  3. It leaves room for thought! There is no doubt that thousands upon thousands of people have died from a virus. But there is also no denying that any nursing home deaths labeled “covid19” bore a monitary gain to the facility of $32,000 to $42,000 regardless of the real cause of death. As relatives could not visit, there was no way to determine fact from fabrication. A nurse told me that instructions were given that there were no chest compressions to be given so most patients were considered DNR “DO NOT RESUSCITATE”. When you add up all of the adversities, lack of personal protection equipment, lack of respirators, shortage of medications and trained personnel, etc, etc, etc, its a miracle that there were any survivors.

  4. There is no solid evidence on the virus’ behavior on humans and varying surfaces we contact.
    Rules are changed all the time further confusing us all.
    Almost on a daily basis we hear and read how it affects us.
    Then the politicians get involved and all know that they have no clue about anything.

    1. That’s the reason we need to listen to the health experts. Politicians need to take their cue from the experts and make policy, and not make policy on a whim.. They, the health experts, have been trained for times such as this. To bad the present administration did not follow the protocol from the previous administration. They might have fared better at the poles.


    1. Oh yes it does. If the temperature is right , they can live on surfaces up to 2 weeks or more. UV light will kill the virus on smooth surfaces.

  6. Lorene from all over

    Dave in Houston,
    Who’s being the moron? You’re talking large numbers here. If the survival rate is 99% (and actually it is not that high), but let’s say the survival rate is 99%. We have 331 million people in the US, if 1% die of COVID-19, that’s over 3 million people. You’re good with that? That’s 100,000 9-11’s. Or in Republican terms, roughly 83 million Bengazis. You want to volunteer? And you’re not taking into account that thousands of people who survive have long-lasting medical problems afterwards. Permanent heart damage, permanent lung damage, strokes and clotting other issues, loss of cognitive function, and they’re finding other long-term effects with every passing week. (remember, this is a novel disease which we and our bodies haven’t dealt with before). And let’s talk hospitalizations and ICU beds. Even if someone gets treated (and do you think everyone is going to get the Cadillac drug cocktail-care tr**p did) and survives, our healthcare system will be (and is becoming) overwhelmed with so many COVID case at once if we don’t slow this thing down. That leaves less care and space for you when you have to come to the hospital for your own heart attack, MVA, or other medical needs. I’m sick to death of the “oh poor me” mentality of people who only think of themselves and not how their actions can affect others.
    I can tell you aren’t in healthcare, and I can probably guess who you voted for and the media outlets you watch, read, and listen to. Grow up. It’s not all about you. You can be a “spreader” and not have symptoms yourself. You’re OK with potentially infecting a stranger, a co-worker, or a relative because you’re too selfish to be inconvenienced to wear a mask, wash your hands a bit more, maybe cut back on travel & contacts for awhile until vaccine can be distributed?
    I feel sorry for people like you. Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents had to sacrifice a lot more than wearing a piece of cloth on their faces and not breathe on other people for the common good of this country (and I’m only 5 years younger than you say you are, so you’re not kidding anyone). Time to step up and do your part. And if you happen to be a veteran (and I have no way of knowing if you are), thank-you for your service, but that doesn’t mean you can stop caring about your country and its people. It should make you feel that way even more. Otherwise, what the hell were you protecting?

  7. It is very difficult for me to understand how people can be so persistent with disbelief that this disease exists. I, too, Dave in Houston, am in my 70’s as well. Most of my immediate family are front line: peace officers, physicians, nurses, teachers, respiratory therapists and counselors, and they don’t seem to have any doubt that this COVID-19 is real. Often, we meet and listen to the sad accounts of people’s death from this dreadful virus. I’m glad you are not worried about it, Dave in Houston. I hope that you are practicing all appropriate protocols to prevent contraction of this virus. I, personally, had it back in December before it was announced as COVID-19. If I had not experienced it, I could possibly say the same thing as you. But from one who has, better be glad you haven’t and hope and pray that you don’t!!

  8. Aman Dave in Houston, covid is no worse that a common cold, we have the cures, and 99.9 recovery rate nothing to be scared of. With all these new cases being reported how many are real , I’m betting more false positives being the case just to pump the #’s. Doug from ocada,mi.

    1. I was in the hospital for covid.I am now at home,my vision is blurry,hacking cough,low energy,lost of apetite.maybe you need to experience it.

  9. COVID-19 is a serious infection. Those that do not wear a mask, practice social distance and wash hands, and think the government is trying to control us will change their mind when lying in a hospital bed dying.

  10. I have run into these people who believe every type of conspiracy that comes out of Fox and the ultra right white supremacy media. They are not high functioning humans. They will take the easy way out most likely. Karma will catch up with them eventually. Sad that they cannot discern fact from fiction, and promulgate the white nationalist BS. They need to grow up, and stop believing that BS from Australian Rupert Murdoch owned Fox “news”. They have become involuntarily owned by our sharp daggered enemies, such at Putin, and Xi.

  11. Covid is a very real thing with my husband and myself! If it is not real to you or your family you have been truly blessed and have not had the experience yet and I say yet because the numbers are rising everywhere. I know many people with the virus, for months I didn’t. Symptons are different for everybody some mild and some bring on death. My husband missed 4 weeks of work and still having airway issues and lack of energy. I too had the virus along with Type A and B flu. I slept for 8 days. I too still have cough, shortness of breath and lack of energy.
    Use the brain God gave us to protect yourself and others! Believe me you do not want this virus. I am not sure that my husband and I health will ever be the same.

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