Edward Snowden Investigated If the CIA Has Secret Information About Aliens

Edward Joseph Snowden is a famous American Whistleblower and a former CIA employee. He is the perfect man if you want to know more about conspiracy theories, war crimes and abuses of power.

Snowden became well known in 2013 after he revealed many unknown information about a secret global surveillance program of private citizens.

His last book, Permanent Record, is more than just a well-written autobiography: it presents shocking news, unknown by the public. Snowden’s confessions are the reason why his book became the New York Times bestseller in a short period of time.



While Edward was working at the National Security Agency, he studied many conspiracy theories. His justice spirit made him publish the shocking truth he discovered.

For example, Americans have a thing for aliens. Well, Snowden ruins the myths about extraterrestrial visits.  According to him, aliens never visited the Earth or, at least, The United States of America. The US Secret Service may be hiding many secrets but hiding Martians is not one of them.




Joe Rogan, the host of a popular podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience, invited Snowden to reveal the truth about the presence of aliens on our planet. The guest disappointed everyone and presented the boring truth.

Snowden confessed that he had access to secret information of the CIA and the NSA. He does not deny aliens’ existence but the US Government does not hide them for sure.

Conspiracy theories may be interesting for the public, but people should not lose precious time to invest in fake stories. It is important to find out what is true and what is not.

Another theory ruined by Snowden is the global warming theory. He claims that it was just a strategy invented by the CIA to distract people from real-world problems like nuclear weapons for example.

Edward Snowden declared that the global warming theory was sustained by evil scientists, paid by the CIA to support this fake phenomenon. Everybody is concerned about global warming and does not pay attention to human-made dangers.

Furthermore, it appears that the “Global Warming alarm” started in the 1950s because the CIA wanted to regain control over research institutes.

Although his image has softened over time, Edward Snowden’s image is still a controversial one. Some of them consider him a traitor, some of them see him as a brave hero.




For instance, the Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, wants to find a legal way to end Snowden’s exile in Russia. The congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is also a Snowden fan. She declared he deserves to be forgiven for his brave actions.

After all, the world’s most famous whistleblower put his life in danger by revealing classified information. Even his former haters admit that he did it just to make the world a better place.

“You have to be ready to stand for something if you want it to change!”, said Snowden.

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