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Since the birth of the humanity, people loved to tell stories. They used to sit around the camp fire and invent different tales with dragons and monsters, kings and queens, warriors and so many others.

Over time, the topics of these stories have changed. They left the princesses behind and focused on present real issues, such as viruses, diseases, news, inventions, everything.

Because people are so passionate about telling stories, they added more “information” on each topic and day by day, instead of being true facts, they became conspiracy theories or myths.

In order to know the truth, you need to do your research. In today’s article we’ll tackle some myths that were debunked by science.

Here are 4 of them:

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1 thought on “4 Popular Myths Debunked By Science”

  1. Thanks for reviewing the ancient myths,
    I clicked this site, expecting a list of myths around COVID often spread by QAnon and antivaxxers.

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