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Researchers came up with an order that shows which COVID-19 symptoms you’re more likely to experience first, in the most probable order. A new study conducted by the University of Southern California published in the Frontiers in Public Health journal Thursday has shown that the first coronavirus symptom is most likely to be a fever, followed by cough, sore throat, and muscle pain.

But how can you tell if you have COVID-19 or flu? Especially now that the flu season is around the corner. This study is very helpful, as people will learn to separate a simple cough from coronavirus.

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19 thoughts on “The COVID-19 Symptoms You’re Probably Going to Get First”

    1. Good morning Stephen,

      As a senior, I have been extra careful to isolate as much as possible, wear a mask when out in public and on early morning walks by the ocean since many walkers/joggers have not displayed any civic responsibility and donned a mask. Living in Los Angeles county now with a high rate of infection I have trimmed all outside activity and canceled Thanksgiving with my daughter. And yes, I do know of people who have been affected by the virus. Notably, a college freshman who attended a party and a husband and wife, parents of two young children who fortunately did not fall victim to the virus. And sadly, a friend’s elderly mother died from the infection.

    2. As a 65 yr old , I thought I did every thing right. Went to and from work , wore my mask didnt get close to people and didnt go out on the weekends and still got sick. I started with fever , body ache , nausea, diarrhea, headache. Then no smell or taste , cough, fatigue weak, lightheadedness ,shortness of breath , sneezing and severe stomach cramps.

    3. I have had three family members that have had the virus. One with mild symptoms, one with moderate symptoms and one with severe symptoms. This virus is real, and I urge others to take the recommended precautions. This pandemic will never go away if people do not take it seriously. (Not talking out of fear, but am talking about being cautious)

    4. Roxanne B Warren

      My mother in law got it. A number of people at my job got it. My mother in law is in stage 4 congested heart failure with diabetes and she survived.0

    5. “None”, said anyone reading this article. What? are you living some secret forest that Amazon delivers to and the rest know nothing about?

    6. My niece’s mother-in law, a vibrant and active lady in her early 60’s contracted this virus and died within a week. Please believe it is a deadly disease!

      1. My wife just died from it after contracting it in a nursing home where she was recovering from a bout with cellulitis. I’m still beyond myself and cry everyday as she was my everything.

    7. Eat lots of protein also vitamin c vitamin b6 B 12 what i have been doing eating peanuts with sea salt every day helps the immune system havent had a cold flu in 10 years

    8. Renee Przybylski

      I’ve counted 19 people I know personally who had the virus. A few were sick for a couple of weeks, some for longer periods of time, three were extremely sick and almost died, and one died.

  1. Stephen F, I still dont know of one person who has contracted the COVID-19 virus and anybody that I know so far say they do not know of anyone they know that has contracted it! But, there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there and so I dont want to be a part of those things, so I was thinking, well, how lucky I am not to know anybody that has been exposed to the virus and contracted it so I was thinking today, that the number of new cases on a daily basis in my state and over half of the other states have also gone way up just in these past two weeks, in comparison to just a month ago! So, I told my friends that once we start hearing of friends or acquaintances th sd t are testing positive, then we will prob see a lot of our known friends and family members testing positive and the numbers could go up very quickly, then we will know too many people with the virus, anyway, thata a thought that crossed my mind today, but I want to be clear that I am not saying I dont know one person yet that has contracted the virus and am on no way suggesting the virus may all be one big hoax, because this mind-set is out there a lot even among some of my acquaintances and also, many conspiracy theories abound and they get so wrapped up in thinking like this, ie, we will all be round up by the government and forced to have the vaccine! And on and on! You would be fortunate to be one of the first to have access to vaccine as far as I can tell,so just saying, I dont know anyone that hascontracted the virus and counting my blessings and nothing more to it!

    1. Doyle, I have a sister that is in the hospital right now fighting for her life because she has covid-19. It is not a pretty sight to see someone you love go through such a terrible disease. Just because you have not personally seen or heard of anyone you know as having caught this terrible disease doesnt mean it isnt real, it just means you have been extremely fortunate. As I watch my sister suffer from this disease. I fear I will lose her. She is fighting for her life and I am afraid she might loose it. Since there is no cure, a person can only fight for their life with the help of doctors and nurses who just try whatever measures possible to give my sister a fighting chance to defeat covid-19. . If you need validation of the existence of covid-19… just visit the nearest hospital in your area and see for yourself just how devastating it is. Maybe then you can have some empathy for those to not only have this disease, but also for the family and friends of those who have died. My hope for you is that YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS NEVER HAVE TO SEE OR EXPERIENCE WHAT I HAVE SEEN ABOUT THIS DISEASE YOU THINK DOESNT EXIST.

    2. I know a young lady that contacted it in June in Montana. She lost her sense of taste and smell. Now, it’s the end of November and the taste and smell has not returned. The doctor says it may never come back!

  2. I am glad you aren’t going through this yet. I have two cousins who have died, and a friend, who right now is in ICU on a ventilator. I know many others who have been hospitalized, and some who have not. I also know people who refuse to be tested, even though they may have been exposed and may be asymptomatic. I have been staying home, except for grocery shopping every 10-14 days, but what good will it do me if everyone else is out and about, and protesting wearing masks?

  3. I have never heard this from anyone or from any news channels .. how do we know for a fact that Melatonin helps rid you of Covid-19 when Melatonin is widely revered as an effective supplement for sleep?
    I would very much like to see facts to this claim?

  4. For a while, I thought I knew of no one whom had the COVID-19 virus. But then I realized I was wrong. Multiple people at my work place either tested positive for it, or had a family member that has it. The AM shift workers are now in isolation due to the latest positive test for an employee.
    Have any children in college? Between them and their significant others, I know of several young persons whom have had this disease. All have survived fortunately.
    A sister in law that lives in another state has this disease now. She is older but is doing well, never in the hospital. Then I learned a brother in law’s family had multiple infections, months ago. He simply did not tell us of the situation. Probably more of those out there than we want to think about.
    Talk to your friends or neighbors? None of them know of anyone who has been infected? That would seem virtually impossible at this point. Another brother in law of mine told me he knows of no one with this virus. I then brought him up to date with just the infections within the family. Sometimes we decide what reality is, and it is wrong.

  5. My daughter, her family, and mother-in-law had it. I now know two friends who went to Florida recently and now have come down with covid with very serious symtoms. Not in hospital yet. If all your friends & family are not going out and staying at home, then you may not know anyone who has it. But if they go to work, or socialize, or just go out a lot, they are bound to get it eventually. I have known and talked to several of the people who have had it and it is real! Just do your part and we can make this shorter.

  6. I have known several who have tested positive for the virus, but fortunately they have come out on top. My husband and I are both mid 70’s and so far have been extremely lucky. We have not been tested for the virus, but we both have had our vaccines and are hoping that gives us the needed immunity to get us through this horrible situation. I recommend everyone get the vaccine so maybe this will all go away soon.

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