What Can Be Done to Avoid Future Pandemics Like COVID-19

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Our entire globe is dealing with COVID-19 at the moment, and it’s not very fun. Most people are already tired of lockdowns and restrictions, but as it seems, COVID-19 won’t go away any time soon. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t the first, and is unlikely to be the last pandemic we get to experience. CLICK HERE to read more about the 11 Eye-Opening Facts About Why You Should Wear a Face Mask.

However, there are many things that we as a society can do to minimize the chances and the effects of a new pandemic occurring. I think we’ve learned our lesson and we need to be more prepared just in case a new pandemic occurs. Before causing pandemics and ‘jumping’ to humans, viruses are usually found in animal populations. Therefore, a first and simple step to reduce the risk of contracting a new or ‘unknown’ virus is to avoid getting in close contact with certain animals. For instance, stay away from wildlife trading and ‘wet’ markets in order to reduce the risk of a virus jumping from animals to humans.

Another essential step would be tackling deforestation and climate change because these issues typically make humans migrate into new areas occupied by wild animals.

If we’ve learned something from the COVID-19 pandemic, is that many diseases that are yet unknown to science can appear out of nowhere and spread rapidly among humans. While it is impossible for us to control every risk, there are many ways in which we can help reduce the chances of a future pandemic like COVID-19 from happening again, but we have to work together.

Read on to discover some of the ways in which we can be prepared for a potential future pandemic! After all, it’s cheaper to prevent a pandemic, than it is to cure it.

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