What Vaccine Side Effects Did Fauci Experienced After the Second Dose

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The COVID vaccine has definitely sparked a lot of controversies all around the globe and many people are worried about the side effects. While some are more skeptical about the vaccine, others cannot wait to get inoculated so they can feel safer in the face of the virus. It is true that you might experience side effects, some minor and some a little bit harsher, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assure there’s no reason to worry.

For more info about the COVID vaccine side effects, make sure to also check How To Deal With COVID Vaccine Side Effects, According To Doctors.

Moreover, minor side effects can be a good thing, because it means your immune system is creating antibodies as a reaction to the vaccine, explains the CDC.

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22 thoughts on “What Vaccine Side Effects Did Fauci Experienced After the Second Dose”

  1. So I guess the handful of people who died shortly after getting the vaccine are just faking it. Ofcourse they will not say it’s related to the vaccine, but they were healthy before the got the shot.

    1. Stephanie Wolff

      I have had both doses of the Pfizer vaccines and have had no side effects whatsoever. Just a little soreness in the arm where the needle went in.

      1. Yup…same here. No reaction whatsoever to the J&J shot with the exception of a little muscle soreness for a few days afterwards.

      1. People die all the time of heart problems, blood pressure, cancer etc but if they happened to have taken the vaccine the death is blamed on the vaccine. What about the young man, 19, killed in a motor cycle accident and his cause of death was covid on the death certificate his mother shared online. How did covid cause thee accident? As we get older we have more things breaking down and needing fixing and if it is not fixed it can kill. It does not mean the virus/bacteria killed the person. Politically it is an instrument to get people in office to blaming normal deaths on Covid.

    1. However 500,000 people just in the US have died because they didn’t have the vaccine. I took the vaccination odds, and I’m doing fine.
      “Be Careful not to be Penny Wise, Pound Foolish”.
      People have died by choking on chewing gum too……

  2. I have had my second dose and had no side effects. A little tender where the shot was given in my upper arm, but that is all of the discomfort I have had. I strongly encourage everyone to get this vaccine!

    1. Peggy J. Brown.

      Jerry, I also had NO side effects from my second shot. I am worried it wasn’t good vaccine.
      Anyone have any answers??

  3. I was given my first shot by a navy medic and almost did no feel the sting. I am scheduled my second shot tomorrow and I will be happy for whom ever is their when I lower my car window and roll up my sleeve. I have seen the numbers and I know the results of getting sick without the shop.

  4. I come from a no vaccine family myself and 2 siblings never had any vaccines I got my 5 children thru college on all kinds of vaccine waivers and I may add have all been very very healthy ! when the other children in the class rooms all vaccine kids would get sick and have outbreaks my children never got sick once and now with this pandemic myself and siblings got the moderna vaccine 1 st day it was available for us and now 2 nd yesterday and a feel very grateful that we are the fortunate that so far have survived this terrible virus that has caused so much pain and suffering that we have been spared 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Is it true that ANIMAL trials are lacking or at a very limited amount at the very least? I think we all know the answer(s) due to fast tracking. A Doctor and his wife in their early forties in Richmond, Virginia, took the vaccine. First shot no problem. Second shot, the doctor had a temperature of 105 degrees for 5 days. His wife’s temperature went up and down for 3 days with a high of 103 degrees. His advice…get the vaccine. (I have my suspicions about the 105 degrees for 5 days so I’m thinking that it may have spiked to 105 degrees during his 5 day fever episode.) Waiting to get the vaccine could have it’s benefits. One can see the real life trials on humans the first six months and therefore help you in your decision which may ultimately save your life. However….not getting your vaccine which could end up tragically. No wonder people are torn about this vaccine (except those with severe underlining conditions). Not to mention that immunity is still not guaranteed as it would be if you caught the disease. If Americans had all the medications available for this disease like ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, remdisevir, certain antibiotics (just to mention a few) ready and at our disposal (key is to take these medicines at the onset of this virus), this disease would be like a common cold and wiped out in no time. But then again, if we had all medications available without delay, the pharmaceuticals wouldn’t make much on the vaccine….even though the taxpayer footed the bill! No wonder the elite and Wall Street are pushing this vaccine. Something to think about.

  6. Seven days after my 2nd vaccine I got Bell’s Palsy. Emergency Room and all my doctors said Bell’s Palsy is a side effect.
    It’s almost : months now with Physical Therapy and may take another few months to recover, hopefully.
    J am mad I got the Bell’s Palsy, but at least I know I will die from Covid. Like many of my friends have……..

  7. I donated blood in April after receiving my second Pfizer vaccine shot in February. I did have some discomforting effects from the second shot. The red cross sent me a questionaire today telling me that my blood tested with a Positive Reaction to their Covid-19 tests. So wonderful to know that I am actively immune with anti-bodies that will prevent my illness from the pandemic virus. We are blessed to be given this wonderful vaccine!

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