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If you’ve watched a lot of horror movies over the years you’ve probably seen the strange things that your body can do after death. But are they true? Can your body really sit up and scream after death? Can you moan and groan post-mortem? Or can your body change its color?

While some of the things you’ve seen in movies are definitely not true, some of the scariest bedtime stories are not just pure fiction. And yes, our bodies can do strange, unimaginable things after death.

Think about the fact that a body can go from living to being completely dead in just a few seconds, and imagine how many changes it suffers in this time.

As Claudia Hammond shared with BBC, different cells die at different rates, so between the time your heart stops beating and your oxygen supply to the brain is cut off it can take up to 7 minutes, which is just enough for a lot of creepy things to happen.

Your heart, brain, and other organs will stop working after those minutes are up, but your digestive system can go on temporarily. Read on to discover the almost too-spooky-to-be-real things that can happen to your body post-mortem!

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