Celebrities Who Believe in Some of the Craziest Conspiracy Theories Out There

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The truth is, most of us love conspiracy theories, or at least we’re curious to find out more about them, even though we might not believe everything we hear. Or, there might be certain conspiracy theories, such as aliens, or Area 51, that might fascinate us to the point where we believe they are real, even though we might know deep inside that the government is probably not hiding aliens in the desert.

But even though we understand that 90 percent of conspiracy theories are probably not true, there’s still 10 percent that has actually proven to be true, such as Operation Mockingbird, Project Sunshine, Project MKULTRA, and a few others.

And the same thing goes for certain celebrities, who are fascinated by conspiracy theories, even though you might not hear them talk very often about this topic. But some of them believe in the craziest, least believable theories out there, that have been debunked by many scientists over the years.

In fact, some would consider them detached from reality simply because they believe these crazy things. With Bobby Ray Simmons who believes the Earth is flat, Whoopi Goldberg who believes the Moon Landing was a hoax, and the list continues with many others just like them.

Read on to discover the well-known celebrities that believe in the craziest conspiracy theories out there!

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